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Transcending Material Scarcity

Just listened to an hour length interview of Allegra Fuller Snyder and Jamie Snyder (daughter and grandson of Buckminster Fuller). Some of the main points I got out of the video: Bucky’s belief that all children are born geniuses with … Continue reading

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Musings of a Michael Jackson “Person”

How does one become a Michael Jackson “Person”? I’m sure there are any number of ways to finding oneself including MJ on the journey. As a simple example, one young woman told me she grew up immersed in popular culture … Continue reading

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I shall quote Desiderata in full. I had it on my bedroom wall in high school. It is now in the ba throom of the lodge where

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Yummy Baked Black Beans

Yummy Baked Black Beans




dried hot peper

kelp or seaweed

dried pear or apple


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Another approach to mountain pose

Here’s something I’ve been trying lately on recommendation from a new friend. Stand firmly, feet separated, rooting your big toes down while bringing your heels toward one another. Let your knees be loose, keeping the feet firm, heels drawing together, … Continue reading

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Delightful raw Brownies from Almond Milk Pulp

Check out my friend’s blog – for a great raw brownie using up almond pulp. I’ve been notorious for just doing up almond milk by grinding a 1/4 cup of almonds into a cup of water – and using … Continue reading

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Liver Cleansing

Brew up some tea with dried burdock root, dandelion root, be sure to chew the dried bits when you’re done. Or chew on some dried milk thistle – a delightful licorice like flavour. Want to collect your own roots – … Continue reading

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Mountain Eyes/Jesse Cook

Two of my favourite CDs at the moment are: Mountain Eyes – Affirmation – a progressive psytrance journey described as high energy tribal electronic music. Jesse Cook – frontiers

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My New World of Blogging

I feel exhilarated but also somewhat nervous about embarking on this voyage of blogging. I want to create blogs that are honest and personal about various subjects. I will start off be recounting a recent unforgettable and joyful event. This … Continue reading

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