Liver Cleansing

Brew up some tea with dried burdock root, dandelion root, be sure to chew the dried bits when you’re done. Or chew on some dried milk thistle – a delightful licorice like flavour. Want to collect your own roots – pick young tender roots in the case of dandelion and dry them on a hot tin roof. Oh, a hot tin roof not readily available – try a cookie sheet at a 45 degree angle to the mid day sun. Of course a good ole dehydrator might do the trick. You can also pick dandelion root of youngish plants in the fall. In the case of burdock root – I’m given to understand this is a biannual and should be picked before the plant reaches the burr stage.

More on liver cleansing. You could also start your days with lemon juice in hot water or a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar. ¬†Remember to go easy. Cleaning out toxins is like sweeping debris of a surface. (As I was just doing yesterday – sweeping a winter’s worth of dry needles off the base of as yet deconstructed teepee.) Getting too many needles in one clump and they don’t want to disperse off the platform edge. So too while cleansing – ease into it gradually and continue with moderation.


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My blog will be random musings about a variety of subjects including, but not restricted to, interior and exterior impressions along a probably well travelled road but which for me has been brand new unexplored territory.
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