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My blog will be random musings about a variety of subjects including, but not restricted to, interior and exterior impressions along a probably well travelled road but which for me has been brand new unexplored territory.

View this post on Instagram So very sad. So sorry, Paris. Bri A post shared by Brian Harold May (@brianmayforreal) on Apr 15, 2019 at 7:22pm PDT

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Anicinabe Park Occupation 1974: Interviews with 2 Warriors

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
Participants in the 1974 armed occupation of Anicinabe Park, near Kenora, Ontario. – reprinted from Oh-Toh-Kin, Volume 1 Number 1, Winter/Spring 1992 The following interviews with Lyle Ironstand and Louis Cameron have been reprinted from…

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Musings of a Michael Jackson “Person”

via Musings of a Michael “Person”

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David Suzuki Wish List & Notes from Beyond Climate Screening at Hot Docs October 27, 2018 and Notes on How to be Personally Socially Responsible

After attending the film screening of Beyond Climate, as follows is a David Suzuki wish list for Canada and other notes: shut down the tar sands cancel LNG and related projects (fracked liquefied natural gas) cancel Trans Mountain Pipeline cancel … Continue reading

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The Healing Garden

Does your garden rejuvenate you? Can you start out feeling troubled about something; but as you wander around planting, weeding, harvesting, watering, does a feeling of peace and contentment come over you? Do you feel yourself slowing down, breathing deeply, … Continue reading

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Further to Another Approach to Mountain Pose

As with the conventional mountain pose which is carried over into all other poses, so too with this variation (refer to “Another Approach to Mountain Pose” posted May 9). Also I’ve been trying this stance in other positions, such as … Continue reading

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Transcending Material Scarcity

Just listened to an hour length interview of Allegra Fuller Snyder and Jamie Snyder (daughter and grandson of Buckminster Fuller). Some of the main points I got out of the video: Bucky’s belief that all children are born geniuses with … Continue reading

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Musings of a Michael Jackson “Person”

How does one become a Michael Jackson “Person”? I’m sure there are any number of ways to finding oneself including MJ on the journey. As a simple example, one young woman told me she grew up immersed in popular culture … Continue reading

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I shall quote Desiderata in full. I had it on my bedroom wall in high school. It is now in the ba throom of the lodge where

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Yummy Baked Black Beans

Yummy Baked Black Beans




dried hot peper

kelp or seaweed

dried pear or apple


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