Another approach to mountain pose

Here’s something I’ve been trying lately on recommendation from a new friend.

Stand firmly, feet separated, rooting your big toes down while bringing your heels toward one another. Let your knees be loose, keeping the feet firm, heels drawing together, muscularly separate the butt cheeks.

While maintaining this posture – see what muscles are activated. I find my inner thighs firming up, the flesh over the insertion point of the glut max disappearing – effectively eliminating “saddle bags”, and the abdominal muscles drawn in.

If this is all it takes to reconfigure some body parts, I’m sold

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Delightful raw Brownies from Almond Milk Pulp

Check out my friend’s blog – for a great raw brownie using up almond pulp. I’ve been notorious for just doing up almond milk by grinding a 1/4 cup of almonds into a cup of water – and using as is or in various shakes.

A more refined approach is to soak almonds about 8 to 12 hours, and then pop off the skins. Blend the nuts with water, squeezing out the liquid through a fine meshed nut milk bag. Repeat this three times – to get the maximum out of the nut meat.

Enjoy the remaining pulp in various recipes which you will find at the above mentioned blog spot.

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Liver Cleansing

Brew up some tea with dried burdock root, dandelion root, be sure to chew the dried bits when you’re done. Or chew on some dried milk thistle – a delightful licorice like flavour. Want to collect your own roots – pick young tender roots in the case of dandelion and dry them on a hot tin roof. Oh, a hot tin roof not readily available – try a cookie sheet at a 45 degree angle to the mid day sun. Of course a good ole dehydrator might do the trick. You can also pick dandelion root of youngish plants in the fall. In the case of burdock root – I’m given to understand this is a biannual and should be picked before the plant reaches the burr stage.

More on liver cleansing. You could also start your days with lemon juice in hot water or a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar. ┬áRemember to go easy. Cleaning out toxins is like sweeping debris of a surface. (As I was just doing yesterday – sweeping a winter’s worth of dry needles off the base of as yet deconstructed teepee.) Getting too many needles in one clump and they don’t want to disperse off the platform edge. So too while cleansing – ease into it gradually and continue with moderation.


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Mountain Eyes/Jesse Cook

Two of my favourite CDs at the moment are:

Mountain Eyes – Affirmation – a progressive psytrance journey described as high energy tribal electronic music.

Jesse Cook – frontiers

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My New World of Blogging

I feel exhilarated but also somewhat nervous about embarking on this voyage of blogging. I want to create blogs that are honest and personal about various subjects. I will start off be recounting a recent unforgettable and joyful event.

This happened a few nights ago. I am staying in a small cabin which has a naturally peaked roof with no ceiling. As one would expect what I usually see when I look up at night is a grey black blank, with some light filtering in at the windows, and the glow from the face of the clock radio. But this night was to be different.

I’d stayed up late listening to mostly American radio finally falling asleep around 2:00 a.m. But I awoke shortly thereafter, looking up, it was as though the night time forest had come into the cabin, in full 3D effect, with me lying underneath looking into a world of leaves and cedar branches and other shapes higher up which I couldn’t quite identify. Periodically little bright shapes would float in and out.

Right by my head on the wall to the left were two long vines, leaves alternating with bright pin pricks of light. I kept trying to find a “normal” explanation for what I was seeing, putting my hand onto the wall which blocked the vines, but as soon as I took my hand away – there they were again.

t stayed awake for a few hours absorbing this magical world, at one point falling asleep, but on awakening, it was still all there. I doubt I’ll ever forget this and wonder if I will be treated to another such display or will this be a once in a lifetime experience.

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