My New World of Blogging

I feel exhilarated but also somewhat nervous about embarking on this voyage of blogging. I want to create blogs that are honest and personal about various subjects. I will start off be recounting a recent unforgettable and joyful event.

This happened a few nights ago. I am staying in a small cabin which has a naturally peaked roof with no ceiling. As one would expect what I usually see when I look up at night is a grey black blank, with some light filtering in at the windows, and the glow from the face of the clock radio. But this night was to be different.

I’d stayed up late listening to mostly American radio finally falling asleep around 2:00 a.m. But I awoke shortly thereafter, looking up, it was as though the night time forest had come into the cabin, in full 3D effect, with me lying underneath looking into a world of leaves and cedar branches and other shapes higher up which I couldn’t quite identify. Periodically little bright shapes would float in and out.

Right by my head on the wall to the left were two long vines, leaves alternating with bright pin pricks of light. I kept trying to find a “normal” explanation for what I was seeing, putting my hand onto the wall which blocked the vines, but as soon as I took my hand away – there they were again.

t stayed awake for a few hours absorbing this magical world, at one point falling asleep, but on awakening, it was still all there. I doubt I’ll ever forget this and wonder if I will be treated to another such display or will this be a once in a lifetime experience.

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